Cockroach Prophets

by Cockroach Prophets

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This is the debut album of the folk rock / swamp folk ensemble the Cockroach Prophets. Their music draws influence from different folk music, primarily from the music and atmosphere of the American South.


released November 19, 2015

All music and lyrics are the band's original work except:
04 God rest ye merry, gentlemen (an 18th century Christmas carol)
06 Tumša nakte, zaļa zāle (a Latvian folk song)
Performing were:
Monta Zaļkalne (strings)
Lelde Vaivode (vocals)
Rūta Baķe (violin on track 04)
Edavārdi (Eduards Gorbunovs, vocals & lyrics on track 10)
Reinis Pētersons (drums)
Sleazy (saxophone, cello)
Oskars Jansons (banjo, vocals, guitar, flute, accordeon, harmonica, percussion, synthesizers, samplers)
Artwork by Aigars Opincāns

The album was recorded in the studio of 'Folk yourself' Records.



all rights reserved


Cockroach Prophets Rīga, Latvia

The Cockroach Prophets (from Riga, Latvia) are a folk rock/swamp folk ensemble that draws influences from Irish and Latvian folk music but primarily of the American south.
The music is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc.

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Track Name: The sacking of Babylon
well I pave my road
on and on
and we made our way
to babylon
oh, boys, to babylon

it is true, they say
that there meet all fates
and I'll play a song
when I reach her gates
of a fallen kind
and she’ll fall in kind

but she cut my hands
and my gentle heart
so I could not play
this sacred harp
oh, blast it all
I was left to scrawl

cause when you play
like it's truly
yes, truly yours
she just gives the wind
your golden voice
and you're left there thinner
than you was before

so it was last night that we told her
that we'll jump the border
and we pulled a heist
oh, sweet jesus christ
we left her hangin’
from the castle walls

well the road may go
on and on
but if there's one thing I know
I’ve seen the dawn
of babylon

an’ it was all well and good
and i'd stay if I could
but if there ain't no joys
christ, i left all the boys
in Babylon
Track Name: Who's that in that silver chariot
well now, who's that in that silver chariot
judas iscariot
come on down and see
oh, brother, won't you come on down

he's got sixteen silver in his right hand
oh, lord, mercy me
he's got sixteen more on a holy man
oh, lord, mercy me

who's that swingin' there o'er the field
oh, lord, mercy me
judas bought hisself all of potter's field
oh, lord, mercy me

who's that in that silver chariot
judas iscariot
come on down and see
oh, sister, won't you come on down

I heard he got hisself a purdy blue wife
oh, lord, mercy me
they say he built her outta' jar of clay
oh, lord, mercy me

when judas went down to the river to pray
oh, lord, mercy me
he hid his wife from the light of day
oh, lord, mercy me
as the sun did shine so judas did kneel
oh, lord, mercy me
and while he prayed his wife did melt
oh, lord, mercy me

who's that in that silver chariot
judas iscariot
come on down and see
oh, mother, won't you come on down

well now, who's that skulkin' by the rear back door
oh, lord, mercy me
there's news from heaven with a note in hand
oh, lord, mercy me
sayin', judas, you're gonna pay for what yous done
oh, lord, mercy me
you went and sold my only son
oh, lord, mercy me

well now, who's that in that silver chariot
judas iscariot
come on down and see
oh, father, won't you come on down
Track Name: Where do I go
now here’s a riddle
through the ages
- when I close my eyes
where do I go
say, i step into some deep, dark waters
and while a marching band's givin’ me the honors
say, i just lay there silently
and let the river take me
where, oh, where
where do i go

my only friend's a man
name-a francis jones
scuffs like a cat and looks like a crow
he's a good man but don’t I know
you need time for something to grow
to be frank about frank - he’s kinda slow
see, every time we play Texas hold-em
that sumbitch just keeps foldin’
say, my friends, if I close my eyes
where do i go, oh, where do i go

one time I saw a sign
bout’ four miles outta town
said: "work needed at the docks"
when i got there, there were
people everywhere, coming
from all corners of the world
one of them said, son, here's the thing
you can go anywhere, be anything
well, i looked to the east
and i looked to the west
and i thought to myself - where do I go?

i figured i'd see the doctor
ask him a thing or two
i said: "doc, I have some troubles and some questions too,
i been feeling kinda worried
and i been feelin kinda sad”
he said: "describe your mind
and i'll tell you", so
i said it's like a subconscious hound
just chewing on my bones
he cleaned his shades
and he said, my friend
if you mean it like that
i just do not know

It was then i met a preacher
said, man, i'm sure glad to meet ya
say, maybe you can tell me
where do i go
the fella took one sip
and he took me on a trip
where I met these folks had some sorta clue
and it did come with a certain ease
but i just can’t spend all day on my knees
so i walked outside
and i hitched a ride
somewhere i did not know

then I wandered in a brothel
lemme tell you, they didnt sing no gospel
but in a way I saw the lord, if you must know
I saw this lady standin pretty
and there was something she said to me
for a second i thought – now there was something i knew
I spent the night crawling through their beds
till i clawed my way to the light of day
and i had many revelations
about some folks and many nations
but in the long haul
I did not know

then I went back to my hometown
there were many people standing around
they said how, oh, how
how did it go
I told them that truth is scattered
and how I mended the above
i’ve nothing to say on the matter
but if push comes to shove -
the fear of death in which life throws us
does not mean that death presupposes
a clear idea of nothingness
we can understand

they said: come again? […]
I said - we all gonna die
Track Name: God rest ye merry, gentlemen
God rest ye merry, gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember, Christ, our Saviour
Was born on Christmas day
To save us all from Evil's power
When we were gone astray
O tidings of comfort and joy,
Comfort and joy
O tidings of comfort and joy

From God our Heavenly Father
This blessed Angel came;
And unto certain Shepherds
Brought tidings of the same:
How that in Bethlehem was born
The Son of God by Name.
O tidings of comfort and joy,
Comfort and joy
O tidings of comfort and joy

And when they came to Bethlehem
Where our dear Saviour lay,
They found Him in a manger,
Where oxen feed on hay;
His Mother Mary kneeling down,
Unto the Lord to pray.
O tidings of comfort and joy,
Comfort and joy
O tidings of comfort and joy

Now to the Lord sing praises,
All you within this place,
And with true love and brotherhood
Each other now embrace;
This holy tide of Christmas
All other doth deface.
O tidings of comfort and joy,
Comfort and joy
O tidings of comfort and joy
Track Name: The loud lament
i sit still and watch a falling leaf
as my day, it rushes to evening's pass
but, friend, there are yet words to say

i hide the truth in every line
for none to see and none to pry
that's how i keep my wretched pride

who's to say - my sacred woe
it comes too fast, then it comes too slow
I take my cue from your device

i sit by a fire, tho i need a spark
my coat is burnt, i enjoy the dark
it's a picture, but i'll just say the words -

with life and death on an equal scale
i walk and hope to leave a trail
but my fear lies on either side

and as I kneel and bend
my loud lament
is all i leave behind

in their graves all my heroes lie
i draw my breath from their every sigh
i shake a fist at the crowd in the sky

when love serve as my only guide
i turn my gaze to warmer eyes
and leave my fate to your device

radiant in all your clever phases
with your word the ground shakes and then it raises
for me a path to walk

and lo' there're islands before my gaze
and there seems a place fit to raise
all i've seen

and as I give in to your truth
my loud lament -
i leave behind
Track Name: Tumša nakte
Tumša nakte, zaļa zāle,
Laukā laidu kumeliņu.

Nu, Dieviņi, tava vaļa,
Nu tavā'i rociņā'i.
Manis bēris kumeliņis.

Migla, migla, liela rasa,
Man pazuda kumeliņis.

Nokrīt migla, nokrīt rasa,
Es atradu kumeliņu.
Track Name: Velti, velti
klīst meitene ‘pati
pa tumšu lauku
pretī tai rīts
nakts slepus gar ceļa malu
ugunis tai dzēš

nakts, solu – velti, velti
steigšus degšu vietā
lai ‘ar kādi lieti līs -
manējās būs vietā
Track Name: Saules dēli
nebēdājies, māte saule – neviens tevi nepazīs
rītā dēls vara acīm dzims, nekas tumsu nekliedēs
nebēdājies, māte saule – neviens tevi nepazīs
rītā dēls vara acīm dzims.
kas tumsu izkliedēs?

no zemes, bērni, piedzimāt,
mīļo māt,
mums vieta debess’, māt,
mums vieta debesīs
uz zemes mūsu acis nesadzīs
vaska spārniem pretī mātei
spārniem pretī mātei dzīs
un skumji pelni jūrā līs
un jūra vara lodes
jūra lodes izskalos
zemes mātes bērniem spēlēties dos
un aklie lodes atpa-
aklie lodes atpazīs

nebēdājies, māte saule – neviens tevi nepazīs
rītā dēls vara acīm dzims, nekas tumsu nekliedēs
nebēdājies, māte saule – neviens tevi nepazīs
rītā dēls vara acīm dzims.
kas tumsu izkliedēs?
Track Name: The poet and the courtesan
you say how much you miss the times
when you used to have these dreams
where you served something
we both knew
yeah, you always wanted to be
somebody's daughter
well, we all need something to serve
don't we, sister

now you have more gold than i could ever spend
in my trade we would drink where you
washed yourself this night
but I am ashamed
you see it, you always do
you have to throw what you
brought for me
pack it up like lunch for me
turn off the light for me
yeah, you always knew
how to treat em right

you tell me how you loved me once
whenever you get drunk
how i was an obsession
and now when decent things are scarce
how i am in this
your only posession
now, i've always loved all the daughters of Eve
but once I was held by the mother
you always did like older men, you see
me being the only
you tell me of these men you meet
who are so much better
you tell me that it'd just
break your heart if they'd leave you, babe
you tell me of these guys who are just like me
and how they're never, ever
quite like me

you tell me we're just like the poet
and the courtesan
from that story you read
when you were just a kid
I ain’t no poet, babe
i'm just someone
who knows you, babe
who knows you, babe
Track Name: Neviens nezin (feat. Edavārdi)
Kaķa acis tumsā spīd zem šitās pagaldes
Runā, ka viņi jūt vai arī redz citas pasaules
Tik graciozi viņš vienmēr staigā un lec
Tagad sēž sastindzis, vēro kaut ko aiz mana pleca
Man liekas, ka viņš jau to dara burtiski visu dienu
Viņa acis atgādina durvis uz citurieni
Varbūt te ir rēgs un šis tukšums ir maldīgs
Varbūt viņš redz to kā velns kaut ko čukst manā ausī
Kaut kas bij’ gaisā, zosāda tāpēc radās
Bet kaķis novērsās, kā kad pārslēdz kanālus
.Kā Tu kaut ko paprasīsi šitādam radījumam
Paliku, bet krustu pārmetu visādam gadījumam

Suns stāv ielas malā, bet to retais pūlī redz
Viņa brūnās acis izskatās kā Jupīters
Sakumpuša stāja, kā kad ir smaga uzliktā nasta
Āda uz purna nostiepta, kā cieši uzvilkta maska
Garāmejot jūtos neveikli it kā tiktu filmēts
Jo runā, ka suņi spēj sajust sliktus cilvēkus
Bet viņš mani neievēro vēss, kā īsts ledus
Viņš skatās uz kādu vīru tā it kā viņa drīz nebūs
Kas iet pēc pudeles vai šī tauta nedzer gana
Tikmēr suņa brūnās acis seko kaut kam neredzamam
It kā kaut ko redz, bet acis tad novērš
Un izbāž mēli, kāds nāk viņam dot ēst

Kāds vīrs paiet garām, sava uzvalka ierāmēts
Viņš ir gudrs noliek vietā durakus prieka pēc
Viņš izmanto galvu kad lietā kulakus liekam mēs
Viņš neveido kašķus bet nav ne plukata ne vieglatlēts
Netērē laiku lai filozofētu vai glābtu tautu
Viņš zin svarus, metālus, tinti, tātad naudu
Tu zini to tipu visu iesāka kā zēns
Pāris viskiju atālumā no savas lielākās afēras
Viņš Ieplāno dzīvi tā kā brīvdienas
Bet viņš vienmēr slēpjās tad kad līst lietus
Viņš zin daudz, kā ir jāsavāc tā nauda
Bet kad pasaule maina virzienu jāmacās no jauna

To neviens nezin, saki, kuram man prasīt
Ja to nezin pat pūces ar savām gudrajām acīm
Ja to nepateiks pat viedie pēc tiem entejiem gadiem
Jo to nezin pat kaķi ar savu rentgena skatienu
Ja suns ēdot desu redz to kā sātans dejo
Un viņam tas ir kārtējais skats un viņš tālāk klejo
Un meži, kas gadsimtiem krāj lielu viedumu
Nezin to tāpat kā es un gaida savu tiesas spriedumu, pasakiet
Strauti un upes, koki ar augļiem gataviem
Karaļi, zemnieki, kropļi nezin kad būs pastardiena
Ne dabai, ne tehnikai nebūs galavārds
Mušas, cilvēki un pat sātans baidās savas nāves
Valdnieki valda kamēr var, kroņus turēs cik spēks
Kaķi redz citas pasaules, bet grib tik gulēt un ēst
Es nejūtu neko no tā, bet nav jēgas stresam
Jo neviens no mums nezin kāpēc mēs te esam
Track Name: Where us birds
we bless the world
from behind the wheel
the day went past
in scarlet funnel
in flight we drove
through a tunnel pass
where us birds
break through the glass
blending in the heavy rain
and frontier
there we find our wings

but islands lie behind the gaze
there i shall raise
all i've seen
there - i shall raise ...